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Policy Documents

Our policy documents are posted below in alphabetical order. Clicking on each one will open them in a new window or tab.

All of our staff details are listed below. If you have any more questions about roles and responsibilites and the services that we provide please do not hesistate to contact the school.

Policy Documents

The following policies are available on the Humber Education Trust Website. Please click on this link to access them. http://humbereducationtrust.co.uk/policies/

Charging & Remissions, Data Protection, Complaints, Safeguarding, Freedom of Information, Investment, Reserves, Business Continuity, Risk Management, Single Equality Scheme, Gifts & Hospitality, Expenses, Fraud & Anti-bribery, Bad Debt, Accounting, Procurement, Scheme of Delegation, Register of Business Interests, Whistleblowing.

Click on the links below to view our Clifton policy documents.

Meet our Safeguarding Team

 Safeguarding Policy September 2019


icon PDF small Accessibility Plan

icon PDF small Admissions Policy – see admissions page, click here.

icon PDF small Anti bullying Policy

icon PDF small Anti-bullying Charter

icon PDF small Attendance Policy

icon PDF small Behaviour Policy

icon PDF small Charging Policy

icon PDF small Complaints Procedure

CCTV Policy

Data Protection Policy

icon PDF small Disability Equality Scheme

icon PDF small Disability Policy

icon PDF small Drugs Education Policy

icon PDF small Enterprise Policy

icon PDF small Equal Opportunities Policy

icon PDF small E-Safety Guide

icon PDF small E-saftey Policy

icon PDF small EYFS Policy

icon PDF small Gifted and Talented Policy

icon PDF small Guidance on infection & illness

 Health and Safety Policy

icon PDF small Healthy Sleep leaflet

icon PDF small  Healthy Eating Policy

 Home School Agreement

icon PDF small Homework Policy

icon PDF small Internet Usage Policy

icon PDF small MAGT Policy

icon PDF small Managing Medicines in School policy

icon PDF small Marking & Feedback Policy

icon PDF small Multicultural Policy

icon PDF small PSHE policy

Publication Scheme

Privacy Notice

icon PDF small Race Equality Policy

icon PDF small RE policy

Records Management Policy

icon PDF small Safeguarding

icon PDF small SEN Policy

icon PDF small SEN provision Information Booklet for parents

icon PDF smallSingle Equality Action Plan 2017 – 2018

icon PDF smallSingle Equality Scheme

icon PDF small Social Inclusion Policy

icon PDF small Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions

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