Welcome to Clifton Primary School. We’re an outstanding, forward thinking school with years of educational life and experience behind us, looking forward to the future in all we do. We believe that education is about the whole child and our ultimate aim is that children leave Clifton ready for the next stage of their education and their lives. We place as much importance on social and emotional development as we do academic success. We provide a broad, exciting, creative and balanced curriculum that makes learning fun and meaningful and which sets our children up for a successful future.

At Clifton you will find a happy, secure and caring atmosphere where positive attitudes and achievements are celebrated and where children are supported in developing as confident, self-reliant, independent learners who are motivated to fulfil their potential.

We are a learning community.

We value all learners as individuals and see our role as equipping the children in our care with the values and skills they will need in order to become citizens of 21st Century Britain and inspiring them at the start of their lifelong journey as learners.

Mrs Rachel Wilkes, Executive Headteacher